Husqvarna 535AWD Automower® - Professional Robotic Mower (area <3500m sq)

Husqvarna's professional Automower® technology has now evolved to feature All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) operation. The two-part articulated body design means that it can handle slopes of up to 70% (35°), making it perfect for a multitude of complex terrain areas.

The 535AWD connects to Husqvarna Fleet Services app, so that you can monitor and control several machines in one site. 

Husqvarna's professional AWD robotic mowers are ideal for grounds maintenance, sports facilities, commercial properties, holiday parks, noise sensitive areas, inclined areas, fleet operation and night time mowing

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MPN 967853403
Maximum Area Capacity 3500m²
Cutting Height 3-7cm
Battery Type Li-Ion
Operation area per hour 146m²
Power consumption (during cutting) 40W
Noise Level (dB(A) guaranteed) 62dB(A)
Maximum Slope (inside installation) 70% / 35°
Our Price (Ex. VAT) £3900.00

If you need to calculate the size of area you need to cut, you can use Husqvarna's lawn size calculator. Just put your postcode in and you can draw a line around the space you want to cut. 

Husqvarna Fleet Services™

With Husqvarna's Fleet Services app you can manage an Automower® fleet in one or more sites. Check each device's location, trigger them to begin or cease operation and change cutting height. You can even trace the machine via GPS in the event of attempted theft.

Adjust and schedule remotely

You can quickly adjust the cutting height of the 535 AWD Automower® using the machine itself or from the smartphone app. Husqvarna robotic mowers work on a schedule of daily or periodically going out to cut the lawn, but you can change this or instruct an ad-hoc cutting session through the smartphone app.

Multi-layered theft protection

As well as tracking the machine using GPS via the Fleet Services app, there is a lift and tilt sensor which activates in the event of the mower being moved away from its area of operation. The anti-theft alarm features PIN protection so only the user can shut off the alarm.

Any time, any weather

The 535AWD is designed for all weather conditions and can even be used at night thanks to the GPS navigation. Automower® 535AWD has an encyclopedic knowledge of your lawn. They have been tested in Nordic conditions so your average British summer is no problem

Pivoting rear body design

The articulated two-piece body design brings excellent traction and mobility, and the rear body pivots to find the best purchase on varied terrain. Slopes of up to 35° are no problem for the 535AWD. Now all sorts of green spaces such as hotel gardens and roadside inclines can be mowed autonomously.