Husqvarna 536LiR Grass Trimmer -Li-ion Battery (536LiR)

Husqvarna 520iRX Brushcutter - Li-ion battery

Husqvarna 525RX Brushcutter -Petrol

Husqvarna 525RX Brushcutter -Petrol

Husqvarna 525RJX Brushcutter -Petrol

The 525RJX is a highly manoeuvrable, powerful, lightweight and ergonomic professional loop handled brushcutter equipped with a dampened X-TORQ engine, which delivers high power, torque and fuel economy with class leading vibration levels, ideal for all frequent, heavy duty commercial grass mowing and trimming duties.

A J handle allows the attachment of the included 4 blade grass knife for the mowing back of heavier grass and nettle type weeds. Comes with grass cutting line head and grass blade.

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£324.00 £270.00
RRP from £399.60 Inc. VAT


MPN 966777101
Displacement 25.4cc
Power Output 1.0kW/1.3hp
Vib Level F/R* 2.1/1.9m/s2
Trimmer Head T35
Grass Blade Included? Yes
Line Size Dia. 2.4-2.7mm
Weight 4.5kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £270.00

The 525RJX features AIR PURGE, SMART START and AUTO RETURN for easy starting and use, together with a COMFORT GRIP and ADJUSTABLE OFFSET handle loop.

The 525RJX is supplied with a single diagonal harness and combi guard that enables quick switching to the included 4 blade grass knife, together with a TAP & GO head with twin lines - simply tap the head on the ground to extend the lines.

X-TORQ - reduces emissions by up to 75%, increases engine torque by up to 18% and improves fuel economy by up to 20%, compared to equivalent Husqvarna previous models
AIR PURGE - ensures easier cold and hot starting by prepriming the carburettor and reducing the number of starting pulls required
SMART START - mechanical assistance reduces the effort required for the start pull by up to 40%
AUTO RETURN - engine stop switch, automatically resetsto the ON position for trouble-free starting
COMFORT GRIP - soft handles for optimum operator comfort
ADJUSTABLE OFFSET - handle loop is angled to place the cutting head at the centre of the users body for equal mowing sweep, improving productivity and reducing risk of lower back fatigue
TAP & GO - twin line cutting system with Tap & Go for quick convenient line feed whilst in use - simply tap the head on the ground to extend the lines