Husqvarna 520iHD70 Hedge Trimmer -Li-ion Battery

Husqvarna's 520iHD70 is a battery powered commercial hedge trimmer with a 700mm cutting blade length. All the benefits of battery technology result in a quieter, more eco-friendly machine that costs less to maintain.

Husqvarna recommend the use of a BLi200 battery and a QC330 charger, which can also be used to power other hand held forest and garden equipment in the Husqvarna range. Please see our machine and battery compatibility chart to compare Husqvarna batteries.

This trimmer is sold as 'machine only', so you can provide battery and charger or see the dropdown menus for battery and charger options.

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Model 520iHD70
MPN 967915702
Blade length 700mm (28")
Recommended Battery+Charger BLi200 + QC330
Other Compatible Batteries BLi10BLi20BLi100BLi300, plus all backpack batteries
Motor PMDC 36V
Run Time (using BLi200) 85/40min (Light/Tough)
Charging Time (QC330) 30/50min (1)
Vib Level F/R 2.3/3.5m/s2
Weight 3.9kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT(**)) £368.00 (520iHD70 Only)

The price for this machine excludes a BLi200 battery and a QC330 charger, which are available to buy separately. Please see the recommended products below.

Charge time (1) 80%/100% in minutes.

Low maintenance

Get all the power you need for your hedge trimming tasks and enjoy the long term benefits of battery power. With fewer moving parts, the servicing requirement is eased and there are fewer parts to replace.

Lightweight and quiet

As well as eco credentials and lower running costs, the 520iHD70 has the advantage of lower noise levels. With no petrol engine chugging away, a battery powered trimmer just has impact sound and a significantly quieter motor.

Interchangeable batteries

The recommended BLi200 battery works with the majority of Husqvarna's Forest & Garden range. To see the full list of compatible machines and batteries please see our Battery and Charger Guide.

The base price for this machine excludes a battery and charger, but you can choose your peripherals from the dropdown menus.