Husqvarna 340i 14" Chainsaw c/w Bar + Chain - Li-ion Battery

The Husqvarna 340i is a light and efficient battery-powered chainsaw ideal for pruning and cutting small-medium-diameter firewood. 

The 340i is shipped with a 14" bar and chain and protective cover, but the base price EXCLUDES the supply of a battery or charger (required to power the machine), which are available to buy as optional extras. 

Husqvarna recommend a BLi30 battery and a QC330 charger, but other more powerful batteries are available. Please see our machine and battery compatibility chart to compare Husqvarna batteries.

£396.00 £330.00
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RRP from £479.00 Inc. VAT
Optional Extras


Model  340i 14"
MPN 967864214
Motor BLDC 36V Brushless
Vib Level F/R*  
Bar Length 14"
Drive Links 52
Pitch 03/08"
Gauge 1.3mm
File Size 4.0mm
Cutter Type S93G Semi Chisel Low Kick Back
Weight 2.8kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT(**)) £330.00 (340i Only)

Lithium LION

Husqvarna Battery technology has reached a point where battery machines offer comparable power to fuelled engines. The BLi30 battery can also be used to power other hand held forest and garden equipment in the Husqvarna range, or you may already have a compatible battery if you have other machines from the Husqvarna Battery Series. For extra long operating times try a battery backpack such as the BLi550X or BLi950X.

Keep the noise down

As well as delivering 40cc-equivalent power, the 340i is quiet enough to use for extended periods in noise sensitive areas such as neighbourhoods, schools and hospitals. With no petrol engine the noise levels are significantly reduced.

Cutting cost

Replacing petrol and oil with a charge of a battery reduces running costs significantly, and fewer moving parts means less to shell out on servicing and repair.