Husqvarna 336LiC Grass Trimmer -Li-ion Battery

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The 336LiC is a lightweight, LOW NOISE, easy to use, perfectly BALANCED, Li-ion battery powered grass trimmer, with a curved loop handle, ideal for trimming lawns, demanding residential and landowner considerate use.

The 336LiC Li-ion battery powered grass trimmer is supplied complete with a TAP & GO trimmer head, but EXCLUDES the supply of a BLi20 battery and QC80 charger, which are required to use/power the unit and are available as optional extras. 

Husqvarna recommend the purchase of a BLi20 battery and QC80 charger with a 336LiC (optional extras). The same BLi20 battery can also be used to power other hand held forest and garden equipment in the Husqvarna range. Please see our machine and battery compatibility chart to compare Husqvarna batteries.

The 336LiC can also be used used with BLi10, BLi100 and BLi200 batteries (and other Husqvarna compatible chargers). 

£186.00 £155.00
RRP £230.40
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£186.00 £155.00
RRP £230.40


Model 336LiC
Recommended Battery+Charger BLi20 + QC80
Other Compatible Batteries BLi10BLi100BLi200, plus all backpack batteries
Run Time (1) 30/50min (Light/Tough)
Motor Type Brushed
Charger Time (1) 110/1300min (1)
Vib Level F/R* 1.9/1.6m/s2
Head T25B
Line size Dia. 2.0mm
Weight 3.0kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT(**)) £155 (336LiC Only)

*Run/Charger Time based on use of BLi20 battery and QC80 charger.
**EXCLUDES the supply of battery and charger, which are available to buy as optional extras and are required to use/power the unit.

Product Information

The 336LiC is part of the revolutionary Husqvarna battery series providing users with the high performance expected from petrol powered equivalents, with the additional benefits of reduced vibrations, lower running and miantenance costs, lower operating noise levels, all at low weight, with exceptional balance, easy to manoeuvre and enjoyable to use. 

The 336LiC features an INTUITIVE KEY PAD for easy use, SAVE mode for extended battery run time in less demanding applications and a TAP & GO trimmer head.

• INTUITIVE KEY PAD - with clear and conveniently placed controls, the battery series are incredibly easy and instictive to operate
• SAVE - in less demanding conditions, activating the savE function instantly puts the machine into power saving mode, extending the run time of the battery
• TAP & GO - twin line cutting system with Tap & Go for quick convenient line feed whilst in use - simply tap the head on the ground to extend the lines

**EXCLUDES the supply of batteries and a chargers, which are available to buy as optional extras and are required to use/power the unit.