Husqvarna 325iLK Combi Machine - Li-ion battery

The Husqvarna 325iLK is a battery powered trimmer unit that can be fitted with a choice of 13 different attachments such as trimmer, blower and pole saw. See the full range of attachments

Included with the 325iLK is a trimmer attachment with operator-facing guard and T35 Tap-n-Go trimmer head. The power output of this multi-tool unit is comparable to that of a 25cc petrol engine.

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Model 325iLK
MPN 967850101
BLi20 Battery + QC80 Charger Optional Extra
Other Compatible Batteries all BLi batteries
Motor BLDC Brushless
Run Time (light/heavy) 20min/45min
Charger Time 20/45min
Vib Level F/R* 2.6/1.0m/s²
Battery/charger included? None
Weight 3.8kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT)** £289.00

The Husqvarna 325iLK is a multi-purpose, modular tool which can be used for grass cutting, pruning, hedging, edging or cleaning. The base unit can be used with any of the Husqvarna BLi batteries and backpack batteries. See our battery comparison page.

Your choice of attachments means that you can have a fleet of garden tools operating from the same base unit.

Don't get too attached

Compatible with a host of multifunctional attachments, including the majority of those from the existing petrol combi unit range. Each attachment is easy to fit with a click.

Quiet operation

Switching to battery-powered tools such as the combi trimmer brings with it a huge reduction in operating noise that keeps on getting quieter. This is ideal for those working in neighbourhoods and other noise-sensitive areas.

Low maintenance

Without an engine there are much fewer parts that require servicing or repair. Battery power also of course eliminates the need for petrol or oil, so the only running cost is the minimal electricity used whilst charging the battery.

Tap 'n Go

Husqvarna's Tap 'n Go quick line feeding system has been tried and trusted over the years and is now used on the cutting attachments such as the included TA850 trimmer.

Adjustable front handle

Easy adjustable front handle for better control and comfortable use.