Husqvarna 315iC Grass Trimmer -Li-ion Battery

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The Husqvarna 315iC is a lightweight and quiet grass trimmer for demanding use. The superb balance, ergonomics and easy controls make it ideal for larger projects and heavy use.

Husqvarna recommend the purchase of a BLi20 or BLi30 battery and QC80 charger with a 336LiC (optional extras). The same BLi20/30 battery can also be used to power other hand held forest and garden equipment in the Husqvarna range. Please see our machine and battery compatibility chart to compare Husqvarna batteries.

The 315iC can also be used used with BLi10, BLi100 and BLi200 batteries (and other Husqvarna compatible chargers). 

£222.00 £185.00
RRP £249.60
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£222.00 £185.00
RRP £249.60


Model 315 iC
MPN 967915911
Recommended Battery+Charger BLi20 + QC80
Other Compatible Batteries BLi10BLi100BLi200, plus all backpack batteries
Run Time (1) 30/50min (Light/Tough)
Motor Type Brushed
Charger Time (1) 110/1300min (1)
Vib Level F/R* 1.9/1.6m/s2
Head T25B
Line size Dia. 2.0mm
Weight 3.0kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT(**)) £185.00 (315iC Only)

*Run/Charger Time based on use of BLi20 battery and QC80 charger.
**EXCLUDES the supply of battery and charger, which are available to buy as optional extras and are required to use/power the unit.

Product Information

Silent operation

Compared to a petrol machine, a battery grass trimmer is significantly quieter. Up to 13 dB(A) lower makes a big difference to noise levels, so this trimmer is much more suitable for public settings. Reducing the levels by 3 dB(A) is typically perceived as a 50% reduction, so these battery powered devices are perfect for noise sensitive areas.

Low maintenance

As well as lower noise levels, battery technology also means fewer moving parts to service. This means your trimmer spends more time cutting and less time being repaired and maintained.

Tap 'n Go

The twin line cutting system is convenient and is fed quickly using the blue button

Maximum runtime

Be in control of performance and economy with Husqvarna's savE™ mode, which allows adjustment to save on battery power.

**EXCLUDES the supply of batteries and a chargers, which are available to buy as optional extras and are required to use/power the unit.