Husqvarna 215iL & 215iHD45 Package - Battery

This highly versatile and attractively priced equipment package consists of a Husqvarna 215iL loop handle Grass Trimmer, a Husqvarna 215iHD45 Hedge Trimmer with 45cm/18” cutter bar, a Husqvarna B70 36V Li-ion battery and Husqvarna C80 charger.

It represents exceptional value for money and provides home owners with the fantastic opportunity to transition away from traditional electrical corded equipment and petrol-powered garden machinery, to unrestricted battery-powered performance.

The 215iL grass trimmer is comfortable, easy to use and ideal for trimming lawn edges and areas of higher grass, while the 215iHD45 with its 45cm/18” cutter bar with teeth opening of 33mm, produces 3000 cuts/min, making it ideal for trimming hedges and shrubs. The included battery and charger means that you have everything you need to get you going.

215iL - 36V Li-ion Battery. Cutting width 31cm. Recommended line 2.0mm. 3.1kg*.

215iHD45 - 36V Li-ion Battery. Knife length 45cm. 3000 cuts/min. 3.2kg*.

Designed for use with Husqvarna B70-140 and BLi100-200X Pro-Grade Li-ion batteries.

Supplied as 215iL c/w 215iHD45, B70 battery and C80 charger.
You can also pick supplementary batteries or charger to suit your individual budget, desired runtimes and longevity.

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215iL + 215iHD45 Package
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Enjoy the freedom of Husqvarna 36V battery-powered equipment - no petrol engine to service and maintain, no hazardous fumes, no trailing electrical power cord - just quiet, comfortable and dependable performance at the simple press of a button.

When you are not using your equipment, it can simply be stored until next required and in the interim, the same battery and used to power it, used to power a substantial range of other Husqvarna 36V battery-powered Construction and Forest & Garden equipment for maximum versatility, convenience and return on investment.