Husqvarna 129LK Combi Machine - Petrol

The Husqvarna 129LK is a multi-purpose garden machine with a powerful 27cc petrol engine.

The 129LK comes with a T25 trimmer head and combi guard, but it is compatible with a number of other attachments such as pole saw, blower, cultivator, hedge trimmer and edging tool. See the full range of attachments

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Husqvarna 129LK Combi Machine - Petrol
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MPN 967193601
Displacement 27.6cc
Power Output 0.85kW/1.1hp
Maximum Speed 8000rpm
Sound Pressure (ear level) 95 dB(A)
Vibration Levels (F/R) 9.9/8.9m/s²
Cutting Width 43cm
Weight 4.8kg
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Smart Start® 

Starting the 129LK is made easier thanks to the low-resistance starter cord and easy fuel pump, and the stop switch automatically resets to the on position ready to be started again next time. The choke and purge controls are easy to use and contribute to a pleasant user experience.

Multi purpose

You can use the base unit of this combi machine with a number of attachments, turning your trimmer into a blower, edger, cultivator, pole saw. These attachments simply click on and can be used instantly.

Tap 'n Go

If your trimmer line runs out, it's just a case of pressing the large blue button to release more trimmer line from the T25 trimmer head. 

True portability

As well as the removable attachments and trimmer head, the shaft of this combi machine is detachable, so it takes up less space when storing and transporting.