Husqvarna 120iTK4-PH Combination Telescopic Pole Saw & Hedge Trimmer - Li-Ion Battery

The 120iTK4-PH from Husqvarna is a telescopic combination garden tool which is supplied with two separate and fully interchangeable attachments; a hedge trimmer (HK4) and a pole saw (PK4). Attachments can be interchanged quickly, easily and without the need for tools.

The split shaft of the 120iTK4 enables it to be stored and transported with ease too. The extending telescopic tube with up to a 4m reach is ideal for trimming for larger hedges and tree pruning.

The hedge trimming attachment (HK4) features a 7-position angled cutting head and has a cutting rate of 2800 cuts/min. The PK4 pole saw attachment features a tool-less tensioner and a chain speed of 10m/s.

The 120iTK4-PH is a highly convenient and versatile tool, as you might expect from a product which is essentially two-tools-in-one, with the added advantage of an attractively price point positioned specifically to be lower than the component parts if purchased independently.

Want to save more money? Then why not buy the 120iTK4-PH KIT? This contains not only the 120iTK4 body, HK4 hedge trimming attachment, PK4 pole saw attachment but also a BLI10 battery and a QC80 charger all for a much lower price than if purchased independently.

Please note the base price does not include a battery and charger unless you choose the kit option or add one from the dropdown menu. We recommend the BLi10 battery and QC80 charger, which can work with other Husqvarna machines in the range. Please see our machine and battery compatibility chart to compare Husqvarna batteries.

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Model 120iTK4-PH 120iTK4-PH KIT
MPN 970515903 970515906
Compatible Batteries BLi10-300 plus all backpack batteries  
Motor 2 brush motor  
Length 275cm  
Telescopic Reach 400cm  
Blade Length 50cm  
Cuts per minute 2800  
Max. Run Time on BLi10 battery TBA  
Charging Time (QC80,BLi10) 1hr 10min  
Weight (without battery) 4.5kg  
Our Price (Exc.VAT)** £216.00  £280.00

Please note this price does not include a battery or charger. If you don't already have a Husqvarna BLi battery and charger, please use the dropdown options.

This combination garden tool combines the 120iTK4-P Pole Saw with the 120iTK4-H Hedge Trimmer.
This modular garden tool uses the same principle as Husqvarna's Combi Machines, combining a pole saw with a pole hedge trimmer. The 120iTK4 uses one base unit and battery for both attachments, which increases efficiency and has multiple ecological benefits.
*The PK4 and HK4 attachments only fit the 120iTK4 machine