Husqvarna 120iTK4-PH Combi Telescopic Pole Saw & Hedge Trimmer - Battery

The Husqvarna 120iTK4-PH is a highly versatile battery-powered combination 2-in-1 telescopic pole saw and hedge trimmer, ideal for a variety of hedge, tree and bush trimming and pruning duties in the garden.

It combines petrol performance with zero direct emissions, quiet operation and multi-tasking capabilities, making it a convenient and handy tool suitable for several different operations depending on the task in hand.

The 120iTK4 element of the product refers to the telescopic pole combination ‘body’ of the machine, to which an interchangeable pole saw and hedge trimmer attachments can be effortlessly fixed. Changing attachments is effortless and can be achieved in seconds without the need for tools.

The 120iTK4-PH consists of a 120iTK4 ‘body’ with a telescopic tube with up to 4m reach, a split shaft for easy storage transportation, together with a PK4 pole saw attachment and a HK4 hedge trimmer attachment.

120iTK4-PH - 36V Li-ion Battery. 6.1kg*.

Designed for use with Husqvarna B70-140 36V Li-ion batteries.

Supplied as shell only or in Kit Form (120iTK4-PH c/w PK4 pole saw attachment, HK4 hedge trimmer attachment, B70 battery and C80 charger).

Alternatively pick your battery and charger to suit your individual budget, desired runtimes and longevity.

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  120iTK4-PH 120iTK4-PH - Kit
MPN 9705159-03 9705159-06
Motor Type PMDC 2 Brush Motor PMDC 2 Brush Motor
Battery Type Lithium Ion Lithium Ion
Battery Voltage 36V 36V
Battery & Charger Included? No Yes. B70 Battery & C80 Charger
Recommended Bar Length (max) 30cm 30cm
Recommended Bar Length (min) 25cm 25cm
Bar Length Supplied 25cm 25cm
Chain Pitch ¼" ¼"
Chain Type H00 H00
Chain Speed 10 m/s 10 m/s
Full Length (inc cutting equipment) 304cm 304cm
Knife Length 50cm/20" 50cm/20"
Teeth Opening 20mm  20mm
Max Branch Diameter 15mm 15mm
Cutting Speed 2800 cut/min 2800 cut/min
Vibration Level Front Handle 0.793-2.3m/s² 0.793-2.3m/s²
Vibration Level Rear Handle 0.793-2.2m/s² 0.793-2.2m/s²
Weight 6.1kg* 6.1kg*
Our Price (Exc. VAT) £222.00 £323.00

*Shell only. Excludes weight of battery and cutting equipment.

Enjoy the freedom of Husqvarna 36V battery-powered equipment - no petrol engine to service and maintain, no hazardous fumes, no trailing electrical power cord - just quiet, comfortable and dependable performance at the simple press of a button.

When you are not using the 120iTK4-PH it simply be stored until next required and in the interim, the same battery and used to power it, used to power a substantial range of other Husqvarna 36V battery-powered Construction and Forest & Garden equipment for maximum versatility, convenience and return on investment.