Husqvarna 120iBV Blower Vac - Battery

The Husqvarna 120iBV is a lightweight, compact, multi-speed and multi-purpose battery-powered combined blower and garden vacuum.

This convenient, versatile, productive and easy to use wonder tool is ideal for a wide variety of domestic homeowner uses, as well as use in noise sensitive, poorly ventilated and covered areas.

It is supplied as standard two easily interchangeable nozzles, one to perform blowing duties. the other significantly larger and wider for using as a vacuum to collect leaves and other small garden debris. Changing nozzles is quick, easy and can be done without tools.

For added convenience and portability, the larger vacuum nozzle is equipped with wheels which enable it to be simply rolled across the surface of a path, drive or lawn etc, making collection of small garden waste much less strenuous, less time consuming and less of a chore. It is also equipped with a detachable zipped collection bag for easy emptying, together with a padded harness for enhanced comfort, improved manoeuvrability and reduced operator fatigue.

The highly innovative design of the 120iBV also reduces the size and volume of size of items as they pass through the nozzle before reaching the collection bag, significantly reducing their volume and therefore less waste to contend with.

The 120iBV has a brushless motor with a simple pushbutton start, together with easy variable fingertip speed control for ease of operation and improved productivity.

120iBV - Air flow 7.36m3/min. Blowing force 7.2N. Air speed 48m/s. 4.2kg*.

Designed for use with Husqvarna BLi10-950X Series and B70-140 Li-ion batteries.

Available as shell only or as a kit complete with B140 battery and C80 charger.

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Model/Variant 120iBV (machine only) 120iBV (KIT)
MPN 970649802 970649805
Air Speed 46 m/s 46 m/s
Tube Diameter 69mm 69mm
Sound pressure (ear level) 83 dB(A) 83 dB(A)
Weight (excluding battery) 2kg 2kg
Our Price (exc. VAT) £148.00 £233.00

The 120IBV is recommended for use with the Husqvarna B140 battery, but can also be used with other Husqvarna li-ion batteries (B70, BLi30 and BLi100-300 Pro-Grade). The same batteries can also be used to power a wide range of other Husqvarna Forest, Garden and Construction battery powered products too.

Interchangeable Battery System - able to be used with other Husqvarna li-ion battery powered equipment. Batteries are durable, easy to swap and recharge quickly.

3 different modes - for best performance depending on task. 3N for smaller duties inside or outside. 7N for good power, suitable for most clearing tasks. 10N for tougher duties when full power is needed.

Fast acceleration - when starting for maximum efficiency.

Excellent ergonomics - exceptional product balance, comfortable handle and intuitive keypad fingertip control.

Efficient Brushless motor - high torque-to-weight ratio for increased efficiency, reliability and longer lifetime.

Low Noise and Vibrations - work comfortably for longer with reduced noise and vibration levels.