Husqvarna 120i 12" Chainsaw c/w Bar + Chain - Li-ion Battery

Lightweight, comfortable, low vibration, low noise, highly efficient and easy to use battery powered (cordless) chainsaw, ideal for general light duty garden maintenance, felling small trees, pruning, trimming branches etc. 

The freedom of battery powered technology allows you to roam freely, without the hassle and inconvenience of power leads, extension reels, access to a mains supply (electric powrered models) and fuel for petrol powered equipment. Furthermore, the quiet, brushless motor is perfectly suited for considerate residential use. 

The base price for this item does not include battery or charger, but you can choose which battery and charger using the dropdown options below. The KIT option includes 1 x BLi20 battery and 1 x QC80 charger. Each machine comes complete with one 12" bar and one chain, plus a bar cover.

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Model 120 i 120i KIT
MPN 967098201 967098202
Motor BLDC Brushless BLDC Brushless
Run Time 35min+/- 35min+/-
Charger Time 110/1300min 110/1300min
Vib Level F/R* 2.6/2.0m/s2 2.6/2.0m/s2
Weight 3.0kg 4.0kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £167.00 (120i only) £240.00 (120i + BLi20 battery + QC80 charger)

The 120i is well balanced and incredibly easy to use. It features an intuitive keypad (with sav£ mode) for safe, convenient start/stopping, a tool-less chain tensioner and has a chain speed of 12m/s. The 120i is also incredibly easy to use, transport and store.

The battery and charger recommended for the 120i is also suitable for powering other Husqvarna battery powered garden equipment with similar power requirements. If you already have a compatible Husqvarna battery and charger to suit the 120 i, you can use a BLi20 or BLi200 with this machine.

• LOW NOISE - low noise provides a more comfortable working environment and less disturbance to others, perfect for residential and other noise sensitive areas
• BALANCED - the design of the machine placing the battery towards the rear gives superb balance, meaning the machine is more manoeuvrable and less strenuous to use
• INTUITIVE KEY PAD - with clear and conveniently placed controls, the battery series are incredibly easy and instictive to operate
• SAVE - in less demanding conditions, activating the savE function instantly puts the machine into power saving mode, extending the run time of the battery

If you've ever considered the freedom and ease of changing to battery powered (cordless) technology, what better way to start! Supplied without battery or charger but complete with a 12" bar and chain, plus a bar cover