HTC280 Floor Grinder and Husqvarna S13 Dust Extractor Package - 110V Electric

This floor grinding and dust extraction package is suitable for getting you started efficiently and safely on surface preparation projects. 

The HTC 280 compact floor grinder/polisher delivers excellent results on concrete floors and where coatings need removing. This has a recommended price of £2763.00 + VAT.

Browse our range of diamond grinding and polishing tools and see our surface preparation guide to find the right combination of consumables for the finish you need.  

The Husqvarna S13 dust extractor features 3-stage filtration using its High Efficiency Particulate Air filter (HEPA) and is highly efficient at isolating and collecting dust particles from floor grinding. The recommended price for this machine is £1328.00 + VAT

Click here to learn about H-Class filtration and HEPA filters.

Save almost 50% off recommended prices when you buy both machines from Red Band UK and take advantage of our free online delivery to UK mainland.

£3,060.00 £2,550.00
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RRP from £4,909.20 Inc. VAT


Floor Grinder HTC280 Dust Extractor S13-110V
MPN 967932505 MPN 967664006
Motor 110V Power (max) 1.2 kw
Power Supply 15 Amp Voltage 110 V
Power 1.1kW Current 10A
Grinding Width 280mm Power Supply 1-phase
Revolution Speed 1150 rpm Airflow 200 m³/h
Rotational Direction Clockwise Vacuum 22 kPa
Weight 74kg Weight 29 kg
Dimensions 1320 x 430 x 965mm HEPA filters 1
HAV Vibration 3.8-4.0m/s² Dimensions (LxWxH) 840mm x 400mm x 1100mm
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £2550.00

Minimum 2.5kVA continuous-rated transformer or 5kVA intermittent-rated transformer recommended for both items. See our transformers guide for more info.

The HTC280 floor grinder can be used with standard Greyline GL SP1 or GL SP2 metal bond diamond tools, or instead fit the completely free-issue Husqvarna multi tool holder also supplied, which will enable Husqvarna Redi-Lock grinding blocks (sold separately) to be fitted

The H-Class certified filtration on the HEPA dust extractor confirms separation of 99.99% of dust particles.

HTC grinders are designed to be used with Greyline (‘slide-over‘ shoe style) metal bonded diamond tools, typically with GL PS1 or GL PS2 bond with the HTC280. Each HTC280 we supply will also be uniquely supplied with a separate and additional Husqvarna multi tool holder (RRP £156 +VAT) completely free of charge, which will then enable Husqvarna Redi-Lock grinding blocks to be used.

Please note, the floor grinder in this package is not supplied with grinding blocks, but you can choose from the dropdown options below. For more grinding blocks scroll to the bottom of the page or view the range.

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