HTC280 Floor and Edge Grinder/Polisher - 110V Electric

The HTC280 is a small, compact and agile floor grinder and polisher featuring an efficient 1.1kW motor making it just right for simpler floor stripping and grinding applications. The grinder can also be easily reconfigured for edge grinding too.

The HTC 280 is especially suitable for use on smaller surfaces where concrete high spots need to be evened out or where a coating needs to be removed (paint, epoxy, putty etc). The motor can chassis can be easily separated, and the chassis is collapsible for easy handling and transport. The grinder features a push button start/stop, a floating dust hood that responds to irregularities in the floor surface for improved distraction, it even has a digital hour counter too.

HTC grinders are designed to be used with Greyline (‘slide-over‘ shoe style) metal bonded diamond tools, typically with GL PS1 or GL PS2 bond with the HTC280. Each HTC280 we supply will also be uniquely supplied with a separate and additional Husqvarna multi tool holder (RRP £156 +VAT) completely free of charge, which will then enable Husqvarna Redi-Lock grinding blocks to be used.

Please note, this floor grinder is not supplied with grinding blocks, but you can choose from the dropdown options below. For more grinding blocks scroll to the bottom of the page or view the range.

£1,980.00 £1,650.00
In stock
RRP from £3,315.60 Inc. VAT
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MPN 967932505
Motor 110V
Power Supply 15 Amp
Power 1.1kW
Grinding Width 280mm
Revolution Speed 1150 rpm
Rotational Direction Clockwise
Weight 74kg
Dimensions 1320 x 430 x 965mm
HAV Vibration 3.8-4.0m/s²
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £1650.00

Grinding Blocks

The choice as they say is yours! You can either use your HTC280 with the standard Greyline GL SP1 or GL SP2 metal bond diamond tools, or instead fit the completely free-issue Husqvarna multi tool holder also supplied, which will enable Husqvarna Redi-Lock grinding blocks to be fitted.

The Husqvarna Redi Lock system is an instant hassle-free system for fitting and switching metal-bonded diamond tools. The Redi Lock diamond tools are securely fixed on the holder disc with a swift strike of a small hammer or similar and can be removed just as easily. Husqvarna Redi Lock tools are available for all leading brands of concrete floor grinders, and in variety of grit sizes and segment styles to suit each individual application.

The HTC 280 can be used with a wide variety of Husqvarna Redi-Lock diamond grinding blocks, including the Vari-Grind G600 Series (G 620, G 640, G 670), Elite-Grind G1400 Series (G 1410, G 1420, G 1440 G 1470, G 1480), Piranha and Sharx.

Dust Management

The use of a suitable dust collector is highly recommended for use with the HTC 280. We recommend the Husqvarna S26 or similar for effective dust control management.

See the range of Husqvarna Diamond Grinding Blocks to find the best fit.