High Frequency Poker (110V) 50mm Dia

High Frequency Poker (110V) 50mm Dia

Husqvarna Smart E High Frequency Pokers

Husqvarna Smart High Frequency Pokers

High Frequency Poker (110V) 60mm Dia

The VHF High Frequency poker has a 5m flexible shaft and a generous 15m of electrical cable to switch which enables them to be long distances from the power supply, and features an in-line converter which eliminates the need for an additional external power source.


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The VHF features the latest in electronic high frequency vibration technology, including a motor in the poker head itself, which creates a very powerful, but smooth, high frequency vibration and significantly reduces vibration exposure levels to the operator, enabling them to be operated for longer peiods of time and with greater efficiency/performance levels. The VHF is also comparatively low in weight, making it easier to use and transport around site, and are extremely easy to use. The VHF also produces lower noise levels compared to other types of conventional pokers and are also more environmentally friendly, as they have no emissions.

High Frequency pokers are becoming an increasingly more popular on site for a multitude of operational and performance related reasons.

• Protection at converter inlet against abrupt fluctuations in voltage
• Protection at converter outlet limiting consumption per phase