Red Band GH65 24” Block & Slab Splitter - Hydraulic

The GH65 is a robust, high performance block and slab splitter with an incorporated 15 Tonne hydraulic jack and a distinctive avant-garde painted and BZP zinc silver combination finish.

With its amplified breaking force of over 20 Tonnes of exerted pressure, it is more than capable of splitting a wide variety of masonry materials and concrete products in seconds, with minimal effort, cost and ease.

The GH65 is ideally suited for splitting everything from paving blocks to building blocks, concrete slabs to kerbstones and other similar ‘flat faced’ notoriously hard products, between 40mm and 265mm in height, and up to 640mm wide. It is not designed or suited for splitting unprocessed natural stones or other similar products with irregular faces.

It is perfect for use in urban and other noise sensitive areas, thanks to its low noise, dust-free and environmentally friendly operation.

Despite its apparent heavy-duty build, the GH65 is surprisingly easy to manoeuvre to and around site, thanks to its large transport wheels and conveniently located top pull handle.

GH65 (hydraulic) - 40 to 265mm material height range. 640mm maximum material width. 15T hydraulic jack. Weight 90kgs.


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Min Material Height 40mm
Max Material Height 265mm
Max Material Length 640mm
Dimensions (W/H/L) 800 x 1050 x 750mm
Hydraulic Jack 15 Tonnes
Weight 90kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £929.00

There are many attractions to using a splitter to effectively snap materials, rather than cut them. It is substantially quicker, safer, easier to do, the process generating a lot less noise, dust and mess. Splitters do not exhaust hazardous fumes as they do not have an engine, nor require access to a suitable power source, as they are fully self-sufficient to operate. Splitting materials also takes seconds to do and is something which can be repeated time and time again, with minimal effort and cost.

The maximum cutting depth achievable with the GH65 (10.5””/265mm) simply cannot be replicated by a conventional disc cutter or standard masonry, but only rather using a dedicated block saw with a 600mm diameter+ blade. Equally, you would not use such a product (block saw) to cut smaller materials like bricks or block pavers, whereas the GH65 has the capability to process all material sizes from 40 to 265mm high and without having to reverse the material.

The GH65 has a premium build and specification. It is constructed using high grade materials throughout.

It features a large work surface that provides excellent stability of both the splitter in use and the material being processed. This work surface together with other moving parts of the GH65 are BZP zinc silver plated, which is more resilient to the often granular, abrasive particles produced during the splitting process than paint and extends the product longevity and aesthetic appearance. The same applies to other moving parts which are plated in the same way, rather than painted, to be more resilient to surface marking caused by repeated friction.

The GH65 uses a 15 Tonne frame mounted hydraulic jack to generate its then further splitting forces. This is almost double that of the 8 Tonne jack used by some similar competitor models. The maximum splitting height of other competitor is more limited at 235mm, and their minimum splitting height 45mm, as opposed to 40mm with the GH65. This enables the GH65 to be used to process a far wider range of varying sized materials.

It is specifically designed for prolonged, heavy-duty site use and splitting products that are ‘flat faced’. It can be used to split natural stones too, provided that those stones have been processed prior and have parallel surfaces/faces (pre-sawn etc). It should not be used to attempt to split materials with irregular surfaces, as this can cause the blades to deflect and result in damage to the splitter frame.

Both the top and bottom blades on the GH65 are reversible, each with 3 cutting faces for extra life. The large transport wheels and top pull handle of the GH65 make it easy to move, transport and store.

Block splitters are designed to exert force onto materials causing them to fracture/split and do not therefore provide a sawn edge smooth finish, which can only be achieved by using a bladed cutter.