Fort Cosmo (Home & Equine) Barrow

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The Fort Cosmo is a lightweight, easy to handle, easy to clean wheelbarrow designed specifically for a wide range of Home & Garden and Equine uses. No clues to the target market of this particular model... but is supplied, as pictured, with a Pink tray!!

The Cosmo has a generous 90 litre capacity polypropylene tray and is ideal for carrying leaves, grass, sand, hay, straw, compost, soil and other similar light materials.

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£45.59 £37.99

Product Information

The Cosmo has a strong, durable, one-piece steel frame made from 30mm (diameter) tube, and has a ergonomic design with ideal weight distribution for balance and stability. The Cosmo also has 2 easy to change wheel locations, to provide the user with the optimum balance point which individually suits them best.

Tray Capacity90ltr
Tray TypePolypropylene
Tray ColourPink