Husqvarna AWD Automowers

Husqvarna AWD Automowers
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AWD robotic mowers are Husqvarna's latest innovation in their Automower® range, having already pioneered the robot lawn mower and led the market for several years.

In much the same way as a four-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive car has articulated steering to deliver the right amount of drive and traction to each wheel, the principle of the AWD Automower® is the same. 

Automower for Sloped Lawns

The major application for an AWD Automower® is for lawns that feature sloped sections. The advantage the AWD machines have is that the driving power is increased so that it can grip more easily as it climbs the slope. This is ideal for hotel gardens, public parks, and other commercial properties that feature gradients that can't easily be maintained using standard machinery.