F46/4 46" Dia. Power Float - Honda Petrol

The F46/4 is the professional's trowel of choice - low on maintenance, big on performance!

The large size and capacity of the F46/4 makes it ideal for finishing larger surface areas.

The F46/4 46" diameter power float has been designed with increased productivity, operator comfort and safety in mind,and is partly why the F series range of walk behind power floats are so highly regarded by professional flooring contractors and hire companies alike.

Simply put, the F46/4 is THE most serviceable, precisely aligned and rugged trowel of its class available on the market today.

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Engine Honda GX270 Petrol
Nett Power 8.4Hp
Guard Ring Diameter 46"/117cm
Height 27"/69cm
Weight 102kg
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The F46/4 features the industry's heaviest bearings, output shafts, gears, spiders and blade arms to those of ANY competitor, and which is partly why the F46/4 is renowned for running so well, for so long.

The F46/4 (46” diameter) power float feature an unusually long, adjustable handle (up to 6" longer than most competitors) which produces greater leverage and improved operator control/control, an important consideration when finishing larger areas.

The handle of the F46/4 is also adjustable to fit the operator more comfortably and absorb trowel torque. All handle materials are heavy gauge and do not require gusseting at critical fastening points. Furthermore, each trowel is balanced with regard to engine location in order to provide excellent performance and reduced operator fatigue. A heavier handle and stronger guard ring also provide increased levels of operator safety.

The kill switch on the F46/4 is fully enclosed and constructed of durable materials, with wires and cables housed at their most vulnerable positions. Solid throttle wire is housed in low friction, Teflon-lined casing to ensure smooth operation and low maintenance. Galvanised, braided steel tilting cable is drawn over low friction pulleys within handle/clevis assembly, and which is securely attached to the yoke at the swiveling pin. There are no wear surface to snag or abraid cable.

The handle, kill switch and guard ring of the F46/4 are all industrial chrome plated, making them easy to clean and corrosion resistant. 

• Manual blade pitch adjustment
• One piece solid handle
• Supplied c/w set of blades