Husqvarna Elite-Grind G1400 Series Diamond Grinding Blocks

The Elite G-1400 Series (Gold level) of metal-bonded diamond grinding blocks are available in a wide range of grit sizes, bond hardness and segment shapes to best suit the individual characteristics of the surface/coating to be prepared and the level of finish required. They are available in single or double segment configurations to suit both budget and desired productivity levels, all of which are easily identified by colour. The Elite range of diamond tools are suitable for Superfloor jobs.

The Husqvarna Elite-Grind range of grinding disc attachments have been developed for intense, professional use and to provide maximum cutting speed and wear resistance in heavy grinding applications. They can be used for material removal and floor grinding, and feature the Redi Lock ‘tap out, tap in’ tool system, which allows blocks to be changed with ease and without hassle, or tools.

If you do not own a Husqvarna floor grinder, why not simply buy a grinding tool holder and convert yours today to the innovative, time saving Redi-Lock system?

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