DiggAlign -Drilling Alignment System -High Definition

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The DiggAlign system indicates to the operator when the drilling attachment is vertical (plumb), and can fitted to all machine types.

Mounted inside the machine cab/hood, DiggAlign monitors and indicates to the operator forward/aft and side to side positioning via an easy to read LED display Microchip inclinometer, thereby improving all aspects of the drilling process.

The high definition DiggAlign digitally displays 0.5° increments, and is suitable for drive and piles over 5-6 metres.

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£1,548.00 £1,290.00

Product Information

How it works:

If the drilling attachment moves off centre, the DiggAlign system will alert the operator by illuminating the yellow LED lights, allowing the operator to return the auger to a vertical and plumb position. Once the operator corrects this condition, the green centre LED will illuminate again.

The high definition DiggAlign can be supplied with a one piece cable, which is available in 3, 6, 12 or 15m lengths. Please nominate cable length required.