Husqvarna Floor Grinders & Polishers

Husqvarna Floor Grinders & Polishers
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  1. Husqvarna PG280 Floor Grinder -110V Electric
    Husqvarna PG280 Floor Grinder -110V Electric
    £2,242.80 £1,869.00
    RRP £3,187.20
  2. Husqvarna PG400 Floor Grinder | Red Band UK
    Husqvarna PG400 Floor Grinder - 415V or Petrol
    £3,360.00 £2,800.00
    RRP £4,530.00
  3. Husqvarna PG450 Floor Grinder
    Husqvarna PG450 Planetary Floor Grinder - 110V electric
    £4,260.00 £3,550.00
    RRP £5,700.00
  4. Husqvarna PG510 Planetary Floor Grinder - 415V Electric
    Husqvarna PG510 Planetary Floor Grinder - 415V Electric
    £6,240.00 £5,200.00
    RRP £8,338.80
Set Descending Direction

4 Items

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Husqvarna are at the forefront of technology when it comes to floor grinding and polishing. Their PG series of floor grinders are built for performance, safety and ease of use.

The number in the product code relates to the grinding width obtainable from one pass. for example, the PG 400 covers a width of 400mm and the PG 820 would cover more than twice this area.

Single Disc Floor Grinders

The PG280 and PG400 models are compact and efficient, with just one grinder disc to attach up to six grinding blocks. The machines fold away to a fraction of their size and are easy to store and transport. This portability also extends to agile handling, as it feels strong but not unwieldy. 

Operating a Husqvarna single disc floor grinder has been made as efficient as possible, with a fixed speed, minimalist control panel and overload protection.

Planetary Floor Grinders

Triple grinding discs on a machine is known as 'planetary' because they resemble planets orbiting around the central point of application. This increases work rate and efficiency when working on larger areas. The PG450 and PG510 are planetary floor grinders.

For large projects, a planetary grinder is the best option, and these machines operate on single phase and three phase electric supply. 110V applies to the PG450 model, whereas other planetary grinding machines take a 415V electric supply.

Husqvarna Dual Drive

The elite range of planetary floor grinders feature Husqvarna's Dual Drive Technology™ which enables multiple combinations of rotation, independently and jointly. Each grinding disc can uniformly rotate in the same direction as the planetary head, or all in the opposite direction, or an individual rotation orientation for each disc.

Husqvarna Dual Drive Technology | Floor Grinders 

Dust Management with Floor Grinders

Husqvarna surface preparation machines are fitted with a brush around the grinding head, to minimise the dust escaping into the environment.

Each model is designed to work alongside Husqvarna's dust extractors and pre-separators to collect dust and slurry on larger projects. See our range by clicking on the link above