Tsurumi Submersible Pumps

Tsurumi Submersible Pumps
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  1. Tsurumi LB-480 Submersible Pump | Red Band UK
    Tsurumi LB-480 Submersible Pump
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  2. Tsurumi LSC1.4S Submersible Puddle Pump
    Tsurumi LSC1.4S 110V Submersible Puddle Pump
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  3. Layflat PVC Hose for Tsurumi Pumps | Red Band UK
    Layflat PVC Hose for Tsurumi Pumps - various lengths
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Submersible pumps are the most efficient solution for removing clean, dirty and abrasive water from construction sites. In the winter months, flood water and large puddles need to be removed from ground cavities, construction sites and even quarries. The beauty of a submersible pump is its work rate and ability to deal with pretty much all types of water. Dirty site water with abrasives and silt are commonplace when rain mixes with dust and dirt from concrete and gravel. A submersible pump is designed to extract from within.

Tsurumi Pumps

The quality of Tsurumi pumps makes them the trusted brand for groundwater pumping across the globe. Their slogan, STRONGER FOR LONGER is the key differential that makes Tsurumi stand out from others on the market. The superior materials, design and manufacturing that goes into every Tsurumi pump means they keep on working time after time. They are very popular with hire companies because the return on investment is achieved multiple times over, very quickly. It is not uncommon for a Tsurumi pump to be used for DECADES.

The best example of this we have seen was from a company in Dorset who bought a Tsurumi pump in 1979 and send it out for hire to hundreds of end users and finally retired it in 2017. This absolute workhorse of an industrial pump was the predecessor to today's HS2.4S model and had been working regularly for more than 38 years. The only reason they stopped using it was to donate it to a museum! If they hadn't approached the UK distributor for a spare part, it would likely still be in use today.

The majority of Tsurumi submersible pumps are guaranteed for three years. However, each product is tested by hand according to Tsurumi's very stringent standards, which results in an extremely low failure rate. Legend has it that a Tsurumi pump is most distinguishable the more severe the site conditions become. 

Tsurumi 3 Year Warranty | Red Band Pumps

The range of pumps made by Japanese brand Tsurumi includes their flagship LSC1.4S pump, known as the Puddle Sucker. Having developed over 3000 models of submersible pump over the years, the basic design and technology behind them has remained largely the same. Industrial pumps excel at their purpose, and the chief difference between a 40-year old workhorse and its modern day equivalent is the size. 


Hoses for Submersible Pumps

Most industrial pumps sold by Red Band use a 'layflat' delivery hose made from flexible yet strong PVC. The material is reinforced internally with yarn to withstand abrasive liquids and the rough surfaces associated with groundwork sites. Layflat hose is very convenient for easy storage and transportation, allowing the user to carry longer lengths from site to site without taking up too much space.

With a submersible industrial pumping solution from Red Band you can choose lengths of hose between 6 metres and as much as 100 metres, for those applications that require a much longer water transit distance.