Battery Disc Cutters

Battery Disc Cutters
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  1. Husqvarna HG 125 B 5” Grinder - Battery
    Husqvarna HG 125 B 5” Grinder - Battery
  2. Husqvarna K535i 9” Disc Cutter - Battery
    Husqvarna K535i 9” Disc Cutter - Battery
    £387.60 £323.00
  3. Husqvarna K540i 10” Disc Cutter - Battery
    Husqvarna K540i 10” Disc Cutter - Battery
    £690.00 £575.00
  4. Husqvarna K1 PACE | Battery Disc Cutter | Red Band UK
    Husqvarna K1 PACE 12-14” Disc Cutter - Battery
    £1,114.80 £929.00
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Husqvarna have been widely known as the best brand for disc cutters for many years, and now their battery powered disc cutters are leading the way in a new market.

Husqvarna’s mantra for disc cutters is to keep on improving. Elements such as product weight, performance, user comfort and value are continually being reviewed to ensure that their machines are as good as they can be.

Battery powered products used to be less powerful than their electric and fuelled equivalents, but continued breakthroughs in battery technology have led to a point where a portable power cutter can achieve superb results.

Husqvarna have now brought out two battery cutters; the K1 and the K535i.

The new K1 PACE is Husqvarna's 12/14" breakthrough model and runs on the brand new PACE battery series. 

The K535i battery powered disc cutter runs on the BLi battery series is becoming very popular. Husqvarna have also introduced a 9” (230mm) blade called the S35S BAT, especially developed for cutting concrete on the K535i.

Battery vs Petrol

The advantages to battery powered products include lower noise, zero emissions, lower maintenance costs and lower weight.

Having an electric motor instead of a petrol engine reduces the weight of the machine which increases user comfort. There are also fewer moving parts, which means fewer elements to need repair. BLi batteries used in the K535i are interchangeable with other Husqvarna battery powered products, for example chainsaws, trimmers and mowers. You can view our battery and charger guide to see operating and charging times for each battery and machine.

Charging a battery is much cheaper than buying petrol, so the difference in running costs will become apparent the more you use it.

Emissions on a battery powered machine are reduced to zero, so there is no problem with using a machine like the K535i or K1 indoors. Similarly, noise levels of a battery powered cutter are reduced to just a fraction of that of a fuelled machine so the impact on the environment in terms of noise pollution is significantly reduced.