Diamond Blades

Diamond Blades

Red Band have diamond blades for cutting many materials including concreteasphalt, granite, marble, ceramic and porcelain tiles and specialist applications such as refractory and metal.

Both Norton Clipper and Husqvarna have a three-tiered blade grading system which helps you to find exactly the right cutting disc for the job at hand. The grading system is based around bronze, silver and gold. This isn’t the material the blade is cutting, nor what the blade is made of; but it’s a scale between value and performance.

Bronze: best for value. Norton Clipper Classic, Husqvarna Tacti-Cut

Silver: balanced. Norton Clipper Pro, Husqvarna Vari-Cut

Gold: best performance. Norton Clipper Extreme, Husqvarna Elite-Cut

The balance between value and performance relates to the frequency of the synthetic diamond pieces in the cutting part of the blade. The more diamond content in the blade, the better it would typically be at cutting, but then of course diamond is an expensive commodity.