Forced Action Pan Mixers

Forced Action Pan Mixers

Resin Mixers

Resin mixers are upright with a static drum, whilst the internal paddles rotate inside. Forced action mixers are ideal for resin-bound and resin-bonded surfacing, because the paddles are able to cut through the mix rather than just using gravity.

Forced action mixers are incredibly versatile and popular machines which can be used to efficiently mix a wide range of materials, including concrete, plaster, mortar, paint, lime mortar, tile adhesive, screed, epoxy resin and resin bound surface mixtures.

The frequency with which such mixers are used in the resin industry has resulted in forced action mixers also becoming commonly referred to as resin mixers, or pan mixers because of their upright design.

The upright design and horizontal mixing action is considered to be more thorough, more consistent than that achievable with a conventional upright drum mixer which instead has a degree of reliance on the gravitational fall of the mix and is most commonly used to mix cement.   

Resin Bound Surfacing

Resin bound is the most common form of resin application, involving small gravel or aggregate mixed in with the resin to create a permeable finish with no loose stone. Each piece of stone and gravel is entirely coated in the resin, rather like the contents of a casserole! The resultant finish is durable and can be overlaid again if necessary.

Resin Bonded Surfacing

The resin bonded technique involves laying an initial base layer of resin, then covering that with dry aggregate. The stone pieces are only partially embedded in the resin, so the original abrasiveness of the top of the aggregate remains. Only working with a wet mix in your machine means it's easier to use and clean the mixer. However, the resultant surface is less durable as loose chippings occur.

Baron Mixers

With a Baron mixer you get the best value for money without making any compromises on product quality, durability, efficiency and mixing performance. 

The range spans from the smallest 80kg machine with a 59 litre mixing capacity (F80) to the 250 litre capacity F300.

Since their incorporation in 2006, Baron have focused on producing mixers with quality, efficiency and durability in mind. The collective industry and product knowledge gained has resulted in the recent development and launch of the new Baron F Line, the ultimate choice for the professional landscaper, paving and flooring contractor. This new series of mixer caters for a range of pan mixing projects.

Altrad Atika Mixers

Atika is a sister company of Altrad Belle, the pioneers of the original portable cement mixer. The Compact 100 is Atika's pan mixer, designed for mixing plaster and paint.

Buying a Mixer on Finance

You can now order a forced action mixer and pay in installments with Red Band. Monthly payments across a year, 18 months, two years or three years are possible when you choose Monthly Financing from Klarna at checkout.

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