Concrete Finishing Tools

Concrete Finishing Tools
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  1. Red Band Big Blue Glider Trowel
    Big Blue Glider Trowel
    £101.70 £84.75
  2. Magnesium Bull Float
    Magnesium Bull Float / Easy Float
    £115.20 £96.00
  3. Red Band Aluminium Dapple Bar
    Red Band Aluminium Dapple Bar
    £180.00 £150.00
  4. Fresno Broom Concrete Finishing Tool
    Fresno Broom
    £229.50 £191.25
  5. Aluminium Snap Handles
    Aluminium Snap Handles - 1800mm (6ft)
    £36.00 £30.00
  6. Red Band Aluminium Hand Tamp c/w Handles
    Red Band Aluminium Hand Tamp c/w Handles
    £360.00 £300.00
  7. Red Band Hand Tamp Handles (Pair)
    Red Band Hand Tamp Handles (Pair)
    £144.00 £120.00
Set Descending Direction

13 Items

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After the concrete has been poured and air pockets removed, it is time to create the desired surface finish. Concrete finishing tools have various individual qualities that help smooth, drag or texturise setting concrete. If you don't have the requirement for a power float, you can make savings by using a manual concrete finishing tool to scrape, smooth or texturise the surface of the concrete.

Magnesium Bull Floats

Often known as the Easy Float, magnesium bull floats use an extruded magnesium alloy blade which is strong, yet lightweight enough to glide with ease. Using a bull float you can create a smooth finish on setting concrete without the need for powered machinery.

Big Blue Glider Trowels

The Big Ol Blue Fresno Trowel is used for producing an ultra-smooth finish to concrete flat work, which can often eliminate the need for a power float. Like the bull float, the bull-nosed blade end on the Big Blue helps reduce lap marks.

Fresno Brooms

Fresno Brooms are excellent for producing a brushed texture when finishing the concrete. The zinc plated blade is drawn backwards along the concrete, then the medium-textured broom applies the brushed finish. The knucklehead and aluminium handles are the same for the bull floats, glider trowels and fresno brooms. Therefore you could have the geared knucklehead and handle(s) as the base tool, and save money by using interchangeable blades for each application.

Texas Concrete Placers

The Texas Concrete Placer, also known as a concrete puller, is used for dragging wet concrete into place. The blade on the tool is double-edged, to cater for different volumes of concrete. This is more productive than using a shovel or rake to level up the concrete.

Hand Tamps

Hand tamps are manually operated tamping beams made from aluminium to ensure it is lightweight whilst maintaining its strength. With abrasive concrete it performs better than wooden tamping beams and it is easier to clean. It comes with a pair of handles for two-man use, and these handles can be long or short.

Screeds and Strikers

Red Band also supply pedestrian screeds and dual beam screeds, which are powered by a Honda engine. These screeding units generate vibrations whilst you pull the screed blade/beam across the surface. Roller strikers are powered by a hydraulic pack, and consist of a drive handle assembly plus your choice of striker tube size.