Clipper Tiger Diamond Blade - 300mm (only)

The Tiger blade is suitable for wet or dry use on hand held machines and is designed to cut reinforced concrete, hard stone and brick, as well as general building materials.

The blade performs especially well when cutting granite and hard stone such as marble and slate.

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Blade Diameter 300mm
Bore Size 20mm
Item No. 70184694948
Suitable Machines Hand Held
Suitable Materials Universal


The 300mm Tiger is Norton Clippers 'Pound for Pound' fastest cutting blade and is up to 27% faster than industry equivalent blades.

You'll struggle to find a diamond blade that offers a better combination of value and performance for handheld cutters!

Specially-engineered segments and key hole gullets in the diamond blade allow for exceptional cutting speed, and the serated segments reduces friction with the material.

The unique placement of the diamonds means more versatility to cut reinforced concrete, stone and brick with maximum efficiency. Vigorous testing on the Tiger blade proved it to be one of the fastest blades in its class for cutting concrete and granite.