Clipper Pro Universal TP 6.5mm Wide Mortar Raking Blade - 115-125mm

The Clipper TP mortar raking blade is a high performance blade with brazed, extra thick segments specially adapted to mortar joint thickness, in order to provide the efficient removal of mortar joints between bricks, natural stone blocks or facing bricks.

The hard metal protection inserts prevent under-cutting of the steel-center, a by product when cutting/raking abrasive materials.

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In stock

6.5mm high, 6.5mm wide segments. Designed for use on hand held grinders.

The TP is a member of the Clipper Pro family of products, high performance products delivering higher than average performance with regard to speed of cut and product life. Clipper Pro products are designed for ease of use and manufactured to the highest safety standards, and are perfect for professionals and intensive use.