Clipper Pro Marmo Electroplated Diamond Blade

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The Pro Marmo is an electroplated diamond blade suitable the the fast and smooth cutting of an assortment of hard materials including granite, marble and natural stone.

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Size Bore Item No.
Hand  Held 300mm 25.4mm 70184620243
350mm 25.4mm 70184620243
Masonry Saw 300mm 25.4mm 70184620243
350mm 25.4mm 70184620244

Product Information

This quality value for money blade is suitable for use on hand held machines and masonry saws.

The drop down diamond inserts on the steel centre clean the cutting profile to ensure the best quality cut.

You can use the Pro Marmo to cut marble and soft brittle natural stones as well as plastics, composite materials and glass fibre resins.