Clipper Pro Beton Silencio Diamond Blade - 350mm (only)

The Norton Clipper Pro Beton Silencio features a noise-dampening core and specially engineered gullets to reduce high pitched air flow noise. These feature help to achieve a threefold reduction in noise.

The Pro Beton Silencio is suitable for cutting reinforced concrete and building materials in noise-sensitive environments.

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Whilst cutting building materials can never be truly silent, Norton Clipper's Silencio range of diamond blades is the result of decades of research into the reduction of noise made from a spinning blade's impact into concrete.

Construction projects will inevitably sometimes involve work in neighbourhoods, schools, hospitals and other public places that are expecially sensitive to noise. The Pro Beton Silencio can reduce blade noise by between 5 and 9 decibels, which reduces the harmful frequencies experienced by both the operator and those nearby.

The health and safety of construction professionals and members of the public is vital, so as well as reducing visual and physical hazards it is important to consider noise sensitive environments