Clipper Pro 4x4 Explorer Diamond Blade - 300-500mm

The Pro 4x4 Explorer diamond blade has been specially developed to cut a multitude of construction materials, including asphalt, asphalt over concrete, concrete, reinforced concrete, bricks, blocks, paviours, roof tiles, natural stones (granite, sandstone etc) and even steel up to 5mm thick.

This high-performance blade range features 12mm high trapezoid-shaped segments which a wide variety of mixed materials to be cut faster, longer, smoother and more comfortably with lower vibration levels.

The Pro 4x4 Explorer range also feature a patented cut depth indicator which provides users with better visibility of cut depth when in use together with an innovative engraved wear indicator which makes it easy to keep track of segment wear and patented drop-shaped gullets that prevent fatigue cracks, even when cutting metal.

It is suitable for both wet and dry cutting, with blades available for use on handheld cutters, masonry saws and floor saws.

The Clipper Pro 4x4 Explorer utilises Norton’s i-HDTM (infiltrated High Density) technology to achieve a high uniform density of diamond across the whole segment without applying high pressure, resulting in an extremely robust segment that wears evenly, remain intact and perform well at higher cutting speeds.

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Pro 4x4 Explorer
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Application Size Bore Segment Dimensions Item No.
Handheld Cutters 300mm 20mm 12mm H x 3mm W 70184602022
Handheld Cutters / Floor Saws / Masonry Saws 350mm 25.4mm / 20mm 12mm H x 3mm W 70184602092
Handheld Cutters / Floor Saws / Masonry Saws 400mm 25.4mm 12mm H x 3mm W 70184602095
Handheld Cutters / Floor Saws / Masonry Saws 450mm 25.4mm 12mm H x 3mm W 70184602096
Handheld Cutters / Floor Saws / Masonry Saws 500mm 25.4mm 12mm H x 3mm W 70184602097