Norton Clipper ISM & Clipper ISC Super 18-20" Masonry Saw - 415V

The Clipper ISM and ISC Super are strong, robust and powerful masonry saws specifically designed for industrial cutting applications and production use.  They are highly recommended for cutting a wide range of refractory products, masonry materials, natural stones, concrete products and more demanding cutting applications.

Unconventionally, neither the ISM and ISC are supplied with a cutting bed/table or water distribution kit. Either a flat table or tilting table (for angle cutting) is necessary for a saw to function as is a water distribution kit for wet cutting.

The ISM and ISC are available in 415V 3phase electric only. Minimum 32A continuous supply.

ISM 3.75.3 (415V 3ph) - (7.5Hp/5.5kW) 500mm cutting length. Winding handle and foot pedal depth feed control. 248kg.

ISC 3.75.3 (415V 3ph) - (7.5Hp/5.5kW) 750mm cutting length. Handle depth feed control only. Extended handle for extra leverage.

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  ISM 3.75.3 ISC 3.75.3
MPN 70184613985 70184613986
Motor Power 7.5HP/5.5kW 7.5HP/5.5kW
Voltage 415V Electric 415V Electric
Fuse 32A (3-phase) 32A (3-phase)
Blade Capacity 450mm/18" / 500mm/20" 450mm/18" / 500mm/20"
Bore Size 25.4mm/1" 25.4mm/1"
Maximum Cutting Depth 165mm / 190mm 165mm / 190mm
Maximum Material Height 355mm 355mm
Maximum Cutting Length 500mm 750mm
Table Size - Flat Table (W x L) 615 x 465mm 615 x 710mm
Table Size - Tilting Table (W x L) 580 x 455mm 610 x 710mm
Dimensions (W x H x L) 760 x 1750 x 1400mm 760 x 1750 x 1650mm
Weight 248kg 280kg
HAV rating <2.5m/s² <2.5m/s²
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £5,808.00 £6,010.00

Key to the success of the ISM and ISC is their robustness and high degree of cutting accuracy and performance, assisted by their powerful 5.5kW/7.5Hp 3ph motor and 4-belt drive transmission, which combine to provide the extra power usually absent when undertaking demanding cutting applications.

The ISM with its shorter 500mm cutting length, winding handle and foot pedal controlled cutting depth is better suited for cutting smaller sized concrete, masonry, natural stones and refractory products, like bricks, blocks, tiles etc. The larger ISC with its longer, more generous 750mm cutting length is better suited for cutting larger concrete products like slabs, kerbs, lintels and other similar masonry materials and refractory products.

The conveyor cart (flat table) or tilting table used with either the ISM or ISC run on polyamide prismatic rollers with bearings on guiding tracks (rails) made from compact steel bars, the combination of which ensure a high degree of cutting accuracy and extended product life. It is this cutting accuracy and precision why the Super has long since been the favoured model used when cutting refractory products for lining industrial furnaces and core samples in laboratories. Often refractory is required to be cut dry and is why the Super saws do not include a water distribution kit as standard (available as an optional extra).

Although most commonly used in a static, fixed, industrial location, both the ISM and ISC are equipped with fork lift brackets for ease of transportation.