Clipper Extreme Universal Laser Diamond Blade - 300-900mm

The Extreme Universal is from Norton Clipper's Extreme standard of products, engineered for the longest life, fastest cutting speeds in the most demanding of environments.

Norton Clipper recommend the Extreme Laser for cutting masonry materials such as concrete, bricks and blocks, plus roof tiles.

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Extreme Universal Laser
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Size Bore Item No.
Masonry Saw 300mm 30/25.4mm 70184612282
350mm 30/25.4mm 70184612283
400mm 25.4mm 70184611438
450mm 25.4mm 70184611439
500mm 25.4mm 70184611440
900mm 60/55mm 70184647651

The Extreme Universal Laser diamond blade is suitable for fast cutting on all general building materials from soft to hard.

The DUO segments (on 300 & 350mm blades) provide high cutting speeds and low vibration levels improve comfort levels.

Up to 15mm high laser welded segments (varies across range) ensure a long life and a fast cutting speed.

The arrow shaped gullets ensure that any debris is removed from the blade surface whilst also showing the correct blade rotation direction at all times.

The DUO shaped cut-outs reduces heat build up and keep the blade core cooler.