Clipper Extreme RC400 Diamond Blade -350-600mm

The Clipper Extreme RC400 has been designed for the professional maintenance of industrial surfaces, and is one of Clipper's highest performance blades.

The RC400 is designed for cutting refractory bricks and is rated for electrofused refractory materials including Corhart, Aluminia and Basalt.

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In stock
In stock

Laser welded diamond blade with key-hole geometry.

For use on electrofused materials - Corhart ZAC, Corhart 104, Zirconia, Jargal, Mullite, Aluminia, Basalt*

Bore Sizes

350mm Dia - 25.4mm

400mm Dia - 25.4mm

450mm Dia - 25.4mm

500mm Dia - 25.4mm

600mm Dia - 25.4mm