Clipper Extreme Gres Diamond Blade - 350mm (only)

The Extreme Gres is a new, specially developed diamond blade designed to meet the challenge of wet cutting porcelain tiles and increasingly hard paving products.

It is designed for use on tile saw, masonry saws and bridge saws.

Many more conventional diamond blades struggle to contend with cutting such hard and dense materials, constantly needing to be re-sharpened before either wearing out prematurely or failing to cut at all.

The Extreme Gres utilises Norton’s i-HD™ (infiltrated High Density) technology to achieve a high uniform density of diamond across the whole segment without applying high pressure, resulting in an extremely robust segment that wears evenly, remain intact and perform well at higher cutting speeds.

The conical segments and extra-narrow gullets of the Extreme Gres provide a smooth, fast cut and an excellent high-quality finish on hard and materials up to 3cm (30mm) thick.

With its revolutionary 15mm high jointed segments, a long blade life is also assured with the Clipper Extreme Gres.

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Application Size Bore Segment Dimensions Item No.
Tile Saw / Masonry Saw 350mm 25.4mm 15mm H x 2.2mm W 70184632569