Clipper Extreme Ceram Continuous Rim Diamond Blade - 200-350mm

The Clipper Extreme Ceram is a continous rimmed sintered diamond blade for wet cutting on masonry and large tile saws

Extreme performance and endurance when cutting glazed ceramic tiles, plus hard stone such as granite, marble and slate, and quarry tiles.

Please note these blades are only suitable for masonry saws with 25.4mm (1 inch) bore. 

See also: The Extreme Ceramic SOFT is a new blade specifically designed for harder porcelain tiles. Now available for an unbeatable price, see the full range of sizes. 

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Application Size Bore Item No.
Tile Saw 200mm 25.4mm 70184647047
230mm 25.4mm 70184644431
250mm 25.4mm 70184644432
300mm 25.4mm 70184630334
350mm 25.4mm 70184630335
Masonry Saw 250mm 25.4mm 70184644432
350mm 25.4mm 70184630335
EXTREME CERAM SOFT 350mm 25.4mm 70184602484 as priced

A member of the Clipper Extreme range, which consists of the most innovative products in Nortons range.

The blade features thin laser cut slots to allow the blade to stay as cool as possible and will also result in a smoother cut.

Porcelain, glazed ceramic tiles, granite, marble, slate and quarry tiles can all be cut with the Ceram Extreme.

The blade gives you top performance and is designed for the professional user to give a long life and extremely fast cutting speeds.

Designed for wet use only.

Now available is the Extreme Ceramic Soft, which has recently been developed by Norton Clipper to make light work of harder tiles.