Clipper Extreme Beton Diamond Blade - 300-800mm

The Clipper Extreme Beton range of diamond blades has been designed for the most demanding of users. They will cut a wide variety of concrete materials and will cut them 20% faster than the previous version (Clipper Duo Extreme).

The blade range fits on hand held machines and floor saws up to 800mm dia.

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  Size Bore Item No.
Hand Held 300mm 20mm 70184647787
  350mm 25.4mm 70184647790
  400mm 25.4mm 70184693354
Floor Saws 350mm 25.4mm 70184647790
  400mm 25.4mm 70184693354
  450mm 25.4mm 70184602363
  500mm 25.4mm 70184601690
  600mm 25.4mm 70184601691
  700mm 25.4mm 70184601692
  800mm 25.4mm 70184601693

This blade tops the 'Extreme' tier of Clippers diamond blade range and features their most innovative technologies which will ensure the fastest and smoothest cutting speeds and an extremely long life.

  • 20% faster cutting rate than the previous version.
  • 20% longer life due to increased segment height and an even distribution of diamonds throughout the segment.
  • The blade vibrates less which results in a smoother, more comfortable cutting experience and will ultimately achieve a better cut quality.
  • 60% stronger torque resistance for exceptional safety due to the iHD process which means you are unlikely to lose a segment.

The Clipper Extreme Beton will cut a variety of concrete and reinforced concrete and can be used on hand held machines and floor saws up to 90HP.

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