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Prime 14" Bridge Saw Range - 110V Elec

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Clipper CST Alu 14" Bridge Saw - 110V Elec

The CST Alu from Norton Clipper is a highly versatile, high performance tile and masonry bridge saw. It is ideal for cutting floor and wall tiles, natural stone, masonry materials, concrete and other concrete based products.

Minimum 5kVA CONTINUOUS rated transformer required.

£3,598.80 £2,999.00
RRP from £6,235.20 Inc. VAT


MPN 70184602124 70184602125
Max. Cutting Length 1000mm 1200mm
Maximum Cutting Depth (90°/45°) 110/80mm 110/80mm
Blade Capacity 350mm (14") 350mm (14")
Power Voltage 110V 110V
Weight 85kg 90kg
Our Price (exc VAT) £2999.00 £3100.00

Minimum 5kVA CONTINUOUS rated transformer required.

CST Aluminium is a lightweight Norton Clipper bridge saw, making it easy to transport. You can choose your preferred model based on the maximum cutting length you need. 

  • CST100A: 100cm (1000mm) cutting length, 11cm (110mm) cutting depth
  • CST120A: 120cm (1200mm) cutting length, 8cm (80m cutting depth
Blade capacity for both variants is 14" or 350mm.


  • Robust conception with strong chrome-plated guiding bars
  • Tilting rail
  • Aluminium parts
  • Folding legs and transport wheels
  • Rubber layered table
  • Delivered with a side extension without legs (450x300mm)


  • Reliable machine with high precision cutting
  • Allows cuts up to 45º
  • Light weight machine
  • Easy to move and transport
  • Anti-Slip table for a well maintained material
  • Width of the table grows from 660 to 960mm