Clipper CPS41 16" Manual Block Splitter

The Norton Clipper CPS41 is a heavy duty manual block splitter for cutting bricks, slabs and blocks quickly and efficiently.

The handle on the CPS41 is long enough to provide a good amount of leverage when splitting blocks up to 110mm high, and the robust build quality makes it a reliable construction tool.

Easy to adjust, the CPS41 features a pair of transport wheels, which aids transportation around the building site and the folding handle helps with storage.

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MPN 70184608013
Maximum Cutting Height 110mm
Maximum Cutting Length 410mm
Weight 42kg
Dimensions (L/W/H) 580 x 120 x 820mm
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £370.00

Block splitters are designed to exert force onto materials causing them to fracture/split rather than creating a sawn edge finish. The only way to achieve a sawn edge finish is by cutting using a bladed cutter.

The Clipper CPS41 has strength in its simplicity, with a central adjustment screw determining the cutting height.

Portable and robust, the CPS41 is an efficient way of splitting bricks and blocks without the need for hydraulics, fuel or power.

Clipper CPS41 | Red Band UK