Norton Clipper CPS41 16" Block Splitter - Manual

The Clipper CPS41 is a safe, strong, robust and easy to use high performance manual block splitter that quickly, easily and efficiently snaps paving blocks, masonry materials, concrete products and flat stone materials between 50 and 110mm.

It has a reliable, proven, dependable design and manual operation where the manual force applied is greatly amplified by the combination of its extended handle and cam action, producing a very high splitting force which enables even the hardest brick and blocks to be split with ease - and with very little operating noise or mess, ideal for use in urban and noise sensitive areas.

The particular design of the CPS 41 blockcutter is favoured by many professional installers as the bottom blade is pronounced which provides excellent visibility of the cutting line and allows product to be undercut for precise laying without uneven large gaps. The top beam is sprung loaded at either end for a more even distribution of exerted forces across the entire beam length. Both the top and bottom blades of the CPS are made from trembled, hardened steel blade for longer life.

Adjusting cutting height is quick and easy thanks too, thanks to its conveniently centrally mounted large depth feed screw, reducing setup times.

CPS41 (manual) - 16”/410mm max material length. 50 to 110mm cutting depth. Weight 42kgs.

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MPN 70184608013
Minimum Material Height 50mm
Maximum Material Height 110mm
Maximum Material Length 410mm
Dimensions (L/W/H) 580 x 120* x 820mm
Weight 42kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £392.00

*120mm platform/product width. Overall width (wheels) 350mm.

The CPS41 features a lift handle to front of the splitter and transport wheels which enable it to be quickly and easily moved to and around the job site. The transport wheels are widely spaced apart to improve the product stability both in movement and use. Easily accessible lifting and handling points facilitate safe and easy handling too.

Manual block splitters are highly favoured by professional paving contractors because they are incredibly quick, easy and efficient to use. They are highly portable, convenient, easy to use and highly cost efficient. Their quiet, almost dust-free operation and minimal environmental impact make them perfect for use in noise sensitive areas.

Block splitters are designed to exert force onto materials causing them to fracture/split and do not therefore provide a sawn edge smooth finish, which can only be achieved by using a bladed cutter.