Norton Clipper CP512 iLUBE® 12” Disc Cutter - 2-Stroke

The Clipper CP512 iLUBE® (intelligent Lubrication) is no ordinary petrol disc cutter.

This powerful, durable and user-friendly handheld cutter eliminates the age-old problem of having to mix petrol and oil to form a suitable fuel mix, by being equipped with two separate fuel storage tanks, one for regular 4-stroke petrol, the other for 2-stroke oil, which it then simply automatically mixes it together itself while the saw is being used - no more worrying about 2-stroke fuel mixtures or engine seizures.

This highly-innovative saw has a compact design, is well-balanced and has all the raw power you need, thanks to its 4.0kW/5.4Hp engine which not only ensures smooth cuts, it also helps to prevent engine damage and prolong saw life too.

It also features pushbutton stopping for added operator convenience, a 5-spring anti-vibration system for comfortable use, semi-automatic belt tensioning for added reliability, adjustable reduced weight magnesium blade guard with spray system for extra safety, multi-stage air filtration and an electronic carburettor that allows an easy 3-step engine (hot or cold) - no more choke or half-throttle set-up -

CP512 iLUBE® - 4.0kW/5.4Hp. Blade Capacity 300mm. Max Cut Depth 100mm. 10.2kg.

*Save over an extraordinary £1000 off the usual selling price of this saw! Very numbers limited available - when they’ve gone, they’re gone!*

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  CP512 iLUBE®
MPN 70184647560
Engine Type iLUBE®
Power 4.0kW / 5.4Hp
Maximum Blade Capacity 300mm
Maximum Cutting Depth 100mm
Bore Size 20 / 25.4mm
Rotation speed (RPM) 4450 min–¹
Product Dimensions (W x H x L) 267 x 430 x 750mm
Weight (Machine Only) 10.2kg
Vibrations 4.5m/s²
Our Price (Exc. VAT) £660.00


iLUBE® Automatic Mix

Fill oil and fuel tanks separately. The internal oil pump and sensor then mix them perfectly for enhanced saw performance and longevity.

Save fuel costs

By buying fuel and oil separately instead of expensive pre-mix. Simply fill the 2 distinct tanks and the iLUBE® patented system will automatically mix oil and fuel for maximum efficiency and prevent damage.

3-Step Easy Start (Hot or Cold)

The electronic carburettor’s electro-magnetic valve eliminates the standard choke and half throttle start.

Simply turn the saw on, and:

  1. Push the primer 3x
  2. Push the decompression button
  3. Pull the recoil

Easy pushbutton stopping

Just press the red button!

High quality components

Nikasil-coated cylinder and heavy-duty starter rope for longer life, added reliability and reduced maintenance.

Save maintenance

The iLUBE® system puts an end to damage from overheating from forgetting to add oil, or piston clogging as a result of too rich mixes.

Multi-Stage Air Filtration*

Patented twin-pipe interceptors create an air pulsation that draws fresh air in while pushing hot air away from the engine and releasing it out of the back to keep the saw running cool and reduce debris being trapped in the filter.

*Please note this model does not feature the rocker wheel filter cleaning system as shown in the product video (3:12-3:22)

Semi-automatic belt tensioning

V-belt with semi-automatic tensioning for added convenience and enhanced performance.

Magnesium blade guard

Reduced weight, adjustable magnesium blade guard with water spray system for added safety.

Tank cap protection

Tank caps with over-tightening protection.

Flexible arbor

20mm standard arbor, with 25.4mm bushing ring included for added versaility.

Compact design and powerful engine.