Clipper CM401 14/16" Masonry Saw - Honda Petrol

Unbeatable value from Red Band for the Clipper CM401-P 14/16" petrol powered portable masonry saw. We've lowered our selling price to an incredibly LOW, LOW price of just £1935.00 (+VAT) - including free delivery to a UK mainland delivery address - 

The CM401 Modulo utilises the latest advancements in modular construction in order to provide a lightweight (in comparative terms), highly portable, petrol powered masonry saw, ideal for cutting a wide range of concrete and masonry materials, such as bricks, blocks, natural stones, refractory materials, tiles etc.

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RRP from £4,178.40 Inc. VAT


Engine Honda GX200 Petrol
Nett Power 5.8Hp / 4.3kW
Maximum Cutting Length 600mm
Blade Capacity 350/400mm
Maximum Cutting Depth 125/150mm
Vibrations (HAV) 2.5m/s²
Sound Power/Pressure 105dB/93dB
Weight 118kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £2100.00

The construction of the CM401 from replaceable aluminium profiles makes it very rigid and robust, yet significantly easier to handle and transport than larger frame mounted saws. The CM401 has folding legs and transportation wheels for ease movement to/from/around site and storage.

The innovative modular construction of the CM401 enables damaged component saw parts/profiles to be easily interchanged as required, whilst the aluminium water tray, which is resistant to corrision, can be easily removed and cleaned after use.

The CM401 has a 400mm/16” maximum blade capacity, which provides a very generous 150mm cutting depth, or can be used with 14" (350mm) diameter diamond blades to provide an approximate 125mm cutting depth. Additionally, the CM401 also features a generous 600mm cutting length, ideal for cutting larger building materials.

• Anti tilt conveyor cart with anti-slip surface
• 'Stay level' blade guard ensuring maximum guarding of the blade at all times and increased visibility of the work piece
• Built in water pump for wet cutting
• Removable aluminium water tray for easy cleaning