Norton Clipper CM401 600 Junior 14-16" Masonry Saw - Petrol

The CM401 Junior utilises the latest advancements in modular construction to produce a highly portable, petrol powered masonry saw which is ideal for cutting a wide range of concrete products, masonry materials, refectories and natural stones.

With its powerful petrol engine, the CM 401 is a fully mobile, self-contained highly versatile cutting solution, providing users the freedom to cut almost anywhere. It can be used with 14”/350mm or 16”/400mm diameter blades alike and used to cut wet or dry as required.

Ideal for use in remote locations and virgin sites with no access to power.

CM401 600 (Honda Petrol) - (6.5Hp/4.8kW). Max cutting length 600mm. Max depth of cut 110/150mm. 118kg.

Why not add to your purchase a Clipper 16” Pro Beton diamond blade for the concessionary low price of just £66.66 +VAT (RRP: £363.00 +VAT), or alternatively a 16” Clipper Extreme Universal for just £99.00 +VAT (RRP: £431.00 +VAT)?

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  CM401 600
MPN 70184627017
Engine Honda GX200 Petrol
Gross Power 6.5Hp/4.8kW
Blade Capacity 350mm/14" / 400mm/16"
Bore Size 25.4mm/1"
Maximum Cutting Depth 110mm / 150mm
Maximum Material Height 280mm
Maximum Cutting Length 600mm
Table Size (W x L) 500 x 600mm
Dimensions (W x H x L) 660 x 1510 x 1380mm
Weight 118kg
HAV Rating <2.5m/s²
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £2212.00


The CM401 is made from aluminium profiles which are lightweight, yet strong and rigid. This reduces the overall weight of the saw without comprising its cutting accuracy or performance. Its innovative modular construction not only reduces the weight of the saw, it enables parts which may become damaged to be easily interchanged and replaced. With its folding legs, carry handles, transportation wheel kit and overall comparatively lighter weight, the Junior is significantly easier to move, transport and store than larger standalone frame mounted saws.
It is the perfect saw of choice of users who require accuracy, performance with portability, the freedom to cut almost anywhere or who regularly move from site to site.

The CM401 has many design features that you would not expect from a saw of its or class, including a corrosion resistant, removable and easy to clean aluminium water tray, a built-in mechanical water for wet cutting applications, an anti-tilt conveyor cart with an anti-slip work surface for improved product stability, an unusually generous 600mm cutting length and a stay level blade guard which ensures maximum guarding of the blade at all times and increased visibility of the work piece for improved operator safety. It also has an adjustable spring loaded cutting head which can be easily be locked into the desired position of your choice.