Clipper CFP Low Vib Plate Compactor

The Norton Clipper CFP range of plate compactors is a reliable and practical solution for the compaction of gravel, soil and asphalt.

Each model of CFP plate compactor is tailored for different applications depending on material and site conditions.

Features include:

  • Folding handles for easy transport and storage
  • Plastic water tank with wide opening for easy refills
  • Full-width sprinkler bar to prevent tarmac from sticking
  • Water isolator for transporting
  • Easy lifting points
  • Shaped base plate for improved manoeuvrability and reduced surface marking

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MPN 70184631437 70184631594 70184602124 70184608011 70184608010 70184608009
Engine Honda GX160 Honda GX160 Honda GX160 Honda GX160 Honda GX160 Hatz 1B20
Nett Power 4.8Hp/3.6kW 4.8Hp/3.6kW 4.8Hp/3.6kW 4.8Hp/3.6kW 4.8Hp/3.6kW 4.8Hp/3.6kW
Plate Size 360x500mm 360x500mm 420x550mm 500x560mm 500x580mm 500x580mm
Static Pressure 490kg/m² 490kg/m² 530kg/m² 877kg/m² 387kg/m² 447kg/m²
Centrifugal Force 11kN 11kN 13kN 16kN 16kN 16kN
Travel Speed 22m/min 22m/min 22m/min 25m/min 20m/min 25m/min
Vibration Level 2.5m/s² 2.5m/s² 2.2m/s² 2.2m/s² 1.95m/s² 2.28m/s²
Weight 60kg 60kg 78kg 91kg 92kg 105kg
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Smooth Operation

The shaped base plate improves manoeuvrability and reduces the likelihood of surface damage when turning the machine. The vibration levels on each variant are kept below 2.5m/s², which endures safe operation for longer.

Easy Maintenance

The water tank has a wide opening which eases refilling, and the non-metal fabrication eradicates the risk of rust to the tank. Protective guards and brackets reduce the risk of damage during transport and storage.

Pick your Size

Available plate sizes on the CFP range of plate compactors are from 360mm to 500mm wide. 

Wet Compacting

The water sprinkler on the CFP compactor reduces the preparation time when compacting with water, which helps to stop the asphalt surface sticking to the plate. The water tap can be turned off, saving the surrounding area from spillage and water damage.