Battipav Class Plus 1050S 10” Tile Saw (1.05m) - 110V

The Class Plus 1050S is a high performance, high precision radial tile cutter with a powerful plunging motor and a maximum cutting length of 1050mm*.

It is designed to straight and angle cut (up to 45°) porcelain stoneware, single-double fired ceramics and other natural stone products, and features as standard a laser cutting guide for absolute cutting accuracy, together with a wheel kit for easy transportation to and around the job site.

It has an avant-garde design which includes interchangeable modular extruded aluminium profiles, a strong, powerful motor and several vanguard technical innovations which combine to provide absolute cutting precision over the entire tile length. It is easy to setup, use, transport and store.

The blade guard of the Class Plus 1050S includes a patented water spray system and is insulated to lower operating noise levels.

Class Plus 1050S (110V 1ph) - (1.8Hp/1.4kW). Max cutting length 1050mm. Max depth of cut 65mm. 50kg.

Minimum 16A, 2.5kVA continuous or 5kVA intermittent supply.See our transformer guide for more info.

Supplied with a 10”/250mm diameter turbo blade for cutting porcelain, ceramic tiles, natural stones etc.

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  Class Plus 1050S
MPN 661101/A
Voltage 110V Electric
Fuse 16A (1-phase)
Minimum Transformer 2.5kVA continuous or 5kVA intermittent*
Motor power 1.8Hp/1.4kW
Maximum Cutting Length (product <42mm thick) 1050mm*
Maximum Cutting Length (product >42mm thick) 910mm 
Maximum Diagonal Cut 735 x 735mm
Blade Capacity  250mm
Maximum Cutting Depth (90°)  65mm
Maximum Cutting Depth (45°) 53mm
Bore Size 25.4mm/1”
Working Table Size 1084 x 523mm
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) 1440 x 675 x 1300mm
Weight 50kg
Our Price (Exc. VAT) £1,275.00

*See our transformer guide for more info.

The Class Plus 1050S is produced by Battipav, a long established and highly regarded Italian manufacturer of tile cutters and wet saws for over forty years, with a specialised knowledge and conversancy of cutting a variety of natural stones and other hard materials like concrete and porcelain used in construction today. Battipav are also the world leading manufacturer of submersible pumps used in wet saws.

The modular extruded aluminium profile of the Class Plus main chassis provides maximum rigidity at all times, essential for precise and accurate cutting, as well as reducing the overall weight of the saw at the same time to just 50kgs. The same profiles are designed to be interchangeable as a result of damage on site or in transit.

The working table of the 1050S is generously sized and can comfortably accommodate masonry materials and natural stone products of 1m in length, making it perfect to a wide variety of wall and floor tiles and paving slabs. It is made of aluminium and easy to clean too, providing a stable, sturdy for materials being cut, which prevents materials breakages and culminates in a smoother cut. The working table consists of component aluminium inserts which are easy to remove for ease of maintenance and cleaning. The incorporated electric water provides a recirculating water supply for wet cutting.

The plunging cutting head of the Class Plus can be locked in a fixed position, or plunged from above into materials to cut inserts, shapes etc. The overhead rail to which it is mounted is made from extruded aluminium with a high resistance to torsional stresses. It is equipped with steel ball bearings which run on interchangeable stainless steel tracks, ensuring a smooth and precise cutting action. The cutting head of the saw can easily be tilted for producing mitre cuts of up to 45° with minimal effort.

Relative to its maximum 1050mm cutting length, the Class Plus 1050S is compact, easy to use, maintain, clean, transport and store.

It features two carry handles on either side of the saw, which combined with its 47kg weight, makes it easy for two men to carry into position. Its high quality wheel kit with large, 200mm diameter rubber wheels makes the saw easy for one man to manoeuvre. Its incorporated, patented ‘fast leg’ retractable leg system with quick release/locking levers enables fast setup and dismantling by one man.

The blade guard of the saw is easy to access (no tools required), which permits quick and easy blade exchange. The guard is lined on the inside with a layer of insulation foam which reduces the whistling sound made from the cutting blade whilst spinning, ideal when being used in urban and other noise sensitive areas.