Channel Radius Float (10FT) c/w Handles & Knucklehead

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Channel radius floats are designed for finishing large surface areas of newly poured concrete.

The twin edge blade design of the channel radius float enables the float to perform two tasks at once, thus improving both speed and precision.

The channel radius float is supplied with a swivel knucklehead, outriggers (for bracing) and 3 x aluminium snap handles, each 1800mm in length. The swivel knucklehead fitted to the channel radius float enables it to be moved easily back and forth across the span of concrete with ease.


£481.50 £401.25
RRP £642.00
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£481.50 £401.25
RRP £642.00

Product Information

The front edge of the blade is very effective at trimming the higher spots of concrete, whilst the rounded rear smooths lap marks and fills in low parts.

This dual action coupled with the 10ft span of the channel radius float increases productivity levels and enables even floors to be produced in very short periods of time.

The channel radius float is lightweight and extremely to use and transport.