Your Guide to Plate Compactors

Your Guide to Plate Compactors

Plate compactors are a great way to eliminate the back-breaking work often associated with hand-tamping an area flat.

When choosing a plate compactor think about the type of applications you will need it for; if it’s light compaction, such as patio areas or residential driveways consider a single plate compactor which are typically lighter and easier to transport.

For sub-bases or deep compaction choose a heavy duty plate compactor, preferably one which offers minimised vibration to prevent hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) in operators. Plate compactors work by generating centrifugal force, this alongside the weight of the machine and plate dimensions determine its overall performance. If you need help deciding which machine is best for you, just ask a member of the RedBand team.

Here at RedBand we are committed to bringing you the best equipment from the leading construction products manufacturers. We have a wide range of plate compactors in stock and offer free delivery on orders over £350.

The plate compactor you choose will depend on the job you’re tackling, but here are our top three plate compactors:

Belle Minipac – designed for DIYers or light professional applications the Belle Minipac is ideal for equipment hire firms. Compact, lightweight and easy to manoeuvre the Belle Minipac will get the job done.

MBW GPS Low Vib Plate Compactor – What a machine! Thanks to its ultra-low vibration system plate, operators are able to use the machine for longer without feeling fatigue. Available in 4 plate sizes (12”, 14”, 16”, 18”) the MBW GPS is a versatile piece of kit. The base plate is self-cleaning and on the 12” model wheel kits and water sprays are also available.

Offering high-performance alongside low hand/arm vibration is the Belle PCEL 320X. A popular plate compactor, it is designed to be portable and features a ultra-low fold handle and a long-life base plate.

As with any equipment be sure to familiarise yourself with the operating manual before starting work, also remember to clean the machine after every use, removing any debris. Keeping up a programme of regular maintenance, such as oiling and checking and tightening screws, will also help maintain the life of the machine.

For more information on these or any other of our plate compactors call us on 0116 260 2601.