Welcome to the future…

Welcome to the future…

Choosing new equipment can be mind-boggling; there is so much choice! From power rating to vibration level to durability, there is much to compare and no-one wants to get the wrong piece of kit As the UK basks in a summer heat wave, for those working on gardening and landscaping projects the heat can make for hard work, leaving everyone feeling drained.

When working outside in high temperatures it is important to keep hydrated, so take regular water breaks. Remember also to wear a high-factor sun cream, a number of brands are available which need only be applied once, making them much more convenient for those busy at work.

While it is hot, it is tempting to wear as little as possible, remember though that when using equipment, appropriate safety gear is a must, this includes gloves, eye-protection and hi-visibility clothing.

Ask any child for their vision of the future and it will undoubtedly include robots, usually able to take on the most mundane of everyday tasks, from hair brushing to vacuuming. While we cannot promise that a robot capable of tackling the washing up and cleaning the bathroom is a likely possibility any time soon, we can ease the burden of one chore with our robotic lawnmowers!

Looking less like a robot than your kids would like, is the amazing range of Husqvarna robotic automowers. The elegant, simple design belies the cutting-edge technology within. With models fitted with GPS technology and anti-theft alarms, every Husqvarna automower delivers on performance, durability and design.

As well as being completely self-operating (including taking themselves back to their charge docks and resuming any remaining cutting once charged), the automowers can be used as often as you would like, keeping the lawn in optimum condition.The cutting technique they use has been adapted from the technique sheep use when grazing. This random cutting pattern, ensures an efficiently and consistently cut lawn that not only looks great but encourages healthy growth.

Available from Red Band is a choice of four Husqvarna automowers, each designed to fulfill the needs of every type of lawn, from a typical back garden to a large public area.

Check out the complete range:

● The 305: This fully automatic lawn mower is perfect for those of us who like to spend our weekends and sunny days doing something other than chores! Able to cope with complicated areas, it is designed for lawns of around 500m2. Easy to use and self-charging, with the 305, life just got a little bit easier!

● The 220AC: If your grassed area is a little larger or follows a complex layout, consider the 220AC. Designed to take on lawns of up to 1800m2; it is easy to use, completely self-operating and available in a range of colours!

● The 330X: For areas that are uneven, perhaps featuring sloped inclines, the 330X is ideal. Not only is it capable of perfectly maintaining a 3000m2 lawn, but it also comes with GPS navigation and easy to use controls.

● The 265ACX: When tasked with large or complicated areas, the 265ACX comes into its own. Designed for use in areas of up to 6000m2, the 265ACX is the professional’s choice. With its low-noise design it makes light work of even the most complex mowing tasks.

Whether you are interested in an automower for your business or simply for your garden, to free you up to enjoy your spare time as you would like, call the Red Band team on 0116 260 2601 to find out more.