UK flooding: what it means for the construction industry

UK flooding: what it means for the construction industry

Few of us could fail to be moved by the depressing flood scenes of northern England that we witnessed in December. As time moves on and the TV cameras leave, home and business owners are now left with the mammoth task of putting right the damage.

The cost of flooding is significant, for home and business owners there are those things that cannot be replaced and as well as the emotional upset, they will likely be faced with increased insurance premiums in the future. It is estimated, by the Association of British Insurers, that insurance claims will reach around £1.3bn, this staggering amount indicates how substantial the flooding was and how much work is to be done to clear up.

In fact, clear up could provide the construction industry with a busy start to the year, and while we all would wish to be busy for happier reasons, almost every trade, particularly firms living in areas affected by floods, will likely be in demand.

If you are set to start work on repairing flood damaged properties, here are a few tips to bear in mind:

-The cost of repairs are likely to be met by insurers, they will probably require a written quotation before work begins, make this as detailed as possible, laying out everything you expect to undertake to ensure they sign off.

-Clients may well be upset and may need extra time to make decisions.

-Those affected may well be living in temporary accommodation or unable to earn while their place of business is being repaired. This may make them stressed and anxious for the job to be completed, wherever possible stick to timescales and keep them updated on the job’s progress.,

-Where possible, try to future-proof the property, especially if it is an area at high-risk of future flooding. For electricians this may mean installing fuse/ breaker boxes higher up, to hopefully prevent future re-wiring jobs should the worst happen.

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