Top 3 Belle Products in March 2013

Top 3 Belle Products in March 2013

Are you are in the construction business? Do you manage and run your own building service and need some excellent, quality equipment that consists of an extensive range?

If so, we think it would be worth while taking a look at the Belle products here at Red Band. Belle is well-known throughout the building trade for manufacturing machinery for: compacting, moving, mixing, concreting, cutting, breaking, wheel-barrowing and scaffolding. If you are in need of some new hardy equipment, look no further because Belle most definitely has just the thing for you and your team.

Here at Red Band, we stock a wide variety of Belle products mainly because they are, as a company not only considerate about the environment but are also very thorough in the manufacturing of their equipment.

They will always establish the specific needs of each market, as well as the current standards in force to ensure that the equipment they produce is the best in its sector. Not only that but they also have a fast response team for their after-sales and spares departments.

So after giving you a brief over-view of Belle as a company, we would like to point out our top three Belle products that we, here at Red Band, proudly sell to many customers:

Belle Wheelbarrows – Even though Belle concentrate their products on the construction business, they also manufacture the Fort Cosmo wheelbarrow that is suitable for use on an equine establishment. The barrow is lightweight, easy to handle and a dream to clean. It will clearly attract the attention of many horse-mad girls and women because of course it come with a bright pink tray. You can rest assured this barrow will never be misplaced! Other barrows by Belle that we stock here at Red Band are the Belle Warrior which is used by builders and the Limex which is used by many home-owners and construction workers.

Belle Minimix 130 – If you are an occasional user of mixers then the Belle Minimix 130 Mixer is perfect. It can also be used by keen DIY-ers. It is lightweight, portable and a pleasure to store and use. Its most attractive point is of course the price. It has been designed as a cost- effective option for portable concrete mixing. Occasional builders may find this mixer just right for their requirements!

Belle BGA Pump Assembly c/w Belle Diesel PDU and 3 inch Lay Flat Hose – If you are looking for a pump that is capable of managing tough site conditions then this is the one you must choose. It is more than capable of pumping dirty water, even when it contains small solids! It can also be used to drive pendulum pokers for effectively removing air from freshly laid concrete.