Top 20 Construction Industry Twitter Accounts

Top 20 Construction Industry Twitter Accounts

When it comes to being in the Construction/Building industry, Twitter can be a great source of information and inspiration for future projects. However, with so many accounts on this topic, which are the best ones to have on your timeline?!

Here at Red Band UK, we’re always talking about the latest construction tools or interesting industry news that we’ve seen on social media. So we thought we’d share with you our favourite Twitter accounts to keep up-to-date with the latest updates in the construction sector. Get following!



Tweeting updates on the leading companies and major projects in construction that you should know about. A great account to follow for the low-down on the biggest headlines right now.



BUILDING NEWS (@BuildingNews)

Sharing the latest on the largest construction companies, their own insightful blog content and getting your opinion on what’s in the news today.




As a Marketing Consultant for small, medium and micro Construction companies, John shares his expertise on the latest construction news. As well as interacting with other leaders in the industry.




The Construction Junkie Twitter account shares the coolest stuff in construction. Follow these guys if you want to see more on the latest construction tools or tech events!




Go Construct focuses on building great workforces within the construction sector. Their Twitter account shares interesting insights into the best ways to attract, inform and retain a talented team. They do great things to push a bigger focus on young people and women in construction too.




For young people wanting to get into the building industry, this is the Twitter account to follow. They share all the latest on upcoming events and projects. As well as sharing stories as told by other young people that have found a career in the industry.



KAREN DAVIS BURTON (@buildingsource)

As a business development and marketing manager for a large architecture firm, Karen knows just what it takes to develop and successfully run a firm within the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry. Follow her on Twitter for the latest projects and all you need to know about modern architecture.


RICS (@RICSnews)

The RICS is the independent body who are committed to upholding the standards of excellence in land, property and construction. Experts share their insights and advice on how to gain globally recognised business standards.




Known as “The magazine for owners and operators”, the Earthmovers Twitter account shares all you need to know about the latest developments in compact, construction and mining machinery. Great for those who love to check out the coolest new diggers, bulldozers and dumpers!



This Twitter account and digital magazine covers the latest news and insights into supply chain issues and opportunities facing global executives. Their content also makes for a very interesting read as they will regularly feature exclusive interviews with household names in the world of construction.


SU BUTCHER (@SuButcher)

As an owner of a Social Media Consultancy that is exclusive to the Construction Industry, Su Butcher is an expert in helping companies in this industry use their voice effectively via social media platforms. As well as her own experiences, Su shares insights into how she has helped companies to communicate better with architects.



Any Project Managers or those considering a large-scale job need to follow Construction Executive. Their news posts include top tips on how to stay within budgets and stay on-schedule.



As a Consultant, Architect and Educator, Aarni Heiskanen’s Twitter account and blog are great resources for those wanting insights into the latest developments by influential companies within the industry. He also shares success stories and advice on how to increase your construction company’s success through innovation.



This Twitter account shares all the latest in construction management and software news and reviews form Capterra. As well as as sharing any of the latest goings-on within the construction industry that you should know about.



LIZ MALE (@lizmale)

As an expert within the industry, Liz shares fantastic advice and updates on property, construction and sustainability. Follow her Twitter for some interesting insights.





For all of the latest updates on UK construction, analysis and data, make sure you’re following Construction News on Twitter. They provide you with the latest updates in short, concise tweets so you can simply find out exactly what you need to know.



Construction Manager is the largest circulation construction magazine in the UK and, with a huge following on Twitter, it is certainly an account that construction professionals should be following. Not only do they share any updates on the biggest names in the sector, they also tweet interesting alternative articles around architecture, construction projects and technology.


BUILDINGTALK (@Buildingtalk)

Buildingtalk is a news and information website for architects, specifiers and other industry professionals within the building sector. Their Twitter account reflects their fantastic blog and provides followers with the most important updates in the world of Construction within the UK today.



This Twitter account is one to follow if you would like to keep up-to-date with the most innovative construction projects happening across the UK and beyond. There are some amazing projects featured on this Twitter account and it just may give you some inspiration for your own! 


CONSTRUCTION EXPERT (@ingenierocivil)

The Construction Expert Twitter account focuses on sharing innovative building products, projects and expert top tips. A great one to follow if you run a construction business yourself or simply want to keep up with the latest industry trends.